Teamleader Customer Operations Representative

In January 2014 I moved from Barcelona to work for Fuji Seal. One of the things I like most is the way I found the job I was listening to a radio show and one of the Fuji Seal managers was talking about his experiences in the company. It sounded very interesting to me.

At the end of the show he provided his contact details in case someone was interested in joining the team in one of the open positions at that moment.  I did not hesitate and sent my CV straight away. 

Starting as a Customer Operations Representative for the Iberian Market, I have developed my career first by assuming responsibility for other European markets.  Currently I am the Teamleader in Customer Operations and Planning Department I am responsible for the development and optimization of Fuji Seal B2B, including Inside Sales and Customer Relations.

During my professional career I have always worked in an international environment, which has allowed me to learn different ways of working from inspiring people and cultures from all around the world.

Today, it’s all about challenges, bringing solutions to international clients and helping people to achieve better results and reach their next goals.