Do you want to keep developing yourself then Fuji Seal is the place for you!

The tasks as planner at Fuji Seal are very diverse. I am responsible for the supply of materials at the right time and place and with this also giving direction to the warehouse. Planning the work preparations and placing the orders for machines, materials and parts are my main tasks. At the start I was trained very well by my colleagues, and was able to pick up the tasks very quickly.. What speaks to me in this function is the contact with both the suppliers and the shop floor. Every day presents a new challenge to find the balance between the internal company's expectations and the possibilities of the suppliers.  I also do the planning of transportation and this makes Logistics an all-round department, where we can cover for each other in case absence. The word Junior in my work description was dropped quickly and I quickly became a fully valued Planner.

In the past few years the company has grown enormously and it is our ambition to continue this for the next few years. Fuji Seal is an international company, we serve customers worldwide and at our Deurne location we have people working here hailing from 15 different countries. Besides this growth and international work environment there is a friendly and informal atmosphere which makes me feel at home and makes it a pleasure to go to work every day.

Another good thing about this company is it’s constant striving for improvement. Fuji Seal sees every day as a chance to take steps ahead in order to shorten lead time, improve efficiency and quality. This makes me very enthusiastic and it is rewarding to be a part of this.

Now I am ready for the next chapter. By means of a personal development plan I got the chance to realise my interests and personal boundaries. It is both interesting and rewarding to learn and discover new things.  Fuji Seal gave me this opportunity and helped me make the next step in the career I have in mind.

Do you want to keep developing yourself then Fuji Seal is the place for you!